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Volunteer Ambassador Helps Newcomers Access Volunteer Experiences

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It’s such a small thing just to share information, but it felt like I was giving attendees something that would immediately make them inspired and motivated. Some newcomers need Canadian references, so being a good volunteer, being a regular volunteer, gives them that opportunity. Most of all though, they want the experience to connect and learn about culture through volunteering. Many would personally say thank you and at the end of every session I felt like I've done something so incredible. It was a highlight of my week every single time.

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– Nino Vakhtangishvili

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Nino, who was once a newcomer from Ukraine, thinks her role is the perfect way to help people who are now in a very similar situation as when she moved to Canada. As an Ambassador, she delivers presentations at Toronto Public Library branches on the benefits of volunteering as a newcomer or jobseeker and the steps to getting involved.

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She started her volunteer journey in Calgary giving back by cooking and serving food as part of a drop-in program. Later, she volunteered on the board of the Toastmaster’s Club, a core stepping stone to developing her presentation skills. In what she now describes as a perfect match, Nino was an active Ambassador with Volunteer Toronto for one year before the program was halted due to COVID-19. 

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