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Harnessing Youth Volunteers to Run a Virtual Drama School

Quotation Marks

Youth volunteers bring such unique experiences—seeing them lead and motivate our participants makes my
job easy. Our volunteers, placement and co-op students, and interns bring
a vital dimension to our work and I'm proud to get the chance to work and interact with them regularly.

Ryan Singh photo
Quotation Marks

– Ryan Singh, Community Volunteer Coordinator

Community Profiles


Initially, volunteers had some hesitation, but have since found themselves just as involved as when they were volunteering at YPT in-person. And the response has been incredibly positive. Most summer volunteers are returning for fall, and both participants and their parents/guardians have expressed that they love the virtual classes. Teachers were also thrilled with the live-stream studios YPT built to enable their programming, giving them an opportunity to explore more creativity in teaching.

Young People’s Theatre has over 40 active volunteers, a large percentage of whom are youth under 18. By engaging them in new virtual programs, such as their Online Drama School, YPT is still providing robust opportunities to learn and grow. The only difference is that their volunteer program is currently done online over Zoom. Much like an in-person drama class, volunteers are tasked with leading activities, working with students in small groups on games or scenes, and supporting the teacher day-to-day with leadership and positive energy.

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